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Animal Control Services

Who provides animal control services in the City of Chowchilla?

The Chowchilla Police Department provides Animal Control services for the City of Chowchilla. Animal Control complaints should be directed to the police department at (559) 665-8600. Animal Control may also be contacted via email.

What services are provided by Animal Control?

Services provided by the Animal Control Division include pet licensing, patrol, trap rental, and shelter services.

Who do I call for animal control services during non-business hours?

The Chowchilla Police Department is open and available for calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If an Animal Control Officer is not available, calls will be handled by a police officer based on priority.

How do I get a license for my pet?

Pet licenses may be obtained at the Police Department located at 122 Trinity Avenue. Proof of current rabies vaccination is required to obtain a license. All dogs are required to be licensed with the city as per Chowchilla Municipal Code 6.04.260. There is a minimal charge for this service. Licenses are valid for one year and expire December 31st of each year. The annual deadline for animal licensing is March 31st. A late fee will be added to the cost of the license after March 31st.

Does the City provide any vaccination services?

The City holds a clinic twice a year where rabies vaccinations and animal licenses may be obtained. These normally occur in March and September each year. Click here for more information.

Who do I contact regarding a barking dog?

Contact the Police Department at (559) 665-8600 for assistance with barking dog complaints.

Does the City of Chowchilla have a leash law?

Yes, all dogs must be restrained by a leash not to exceed eight feet in length as per Chowchilla Municipal Code 6.04.070.

Can I keep my dog tied up or restrained to a stationary object?

No. As per state bill SB 1578, it is illegal to tether, fasten, chain, tie or restrain a dog to a dog house, tree, fence, or other stationary object. The new law states a dog can be attached to a running line, cable, pulley, or trolley system that allows the dog free movement. It is important for public safety and the dog's welfare that a dog be properly and humanely restrained when restraint is required. Click here for more information or call the Police Department at (559) 665-8600.

What do I do about the removal of a dead animal in the street?

Dead animals should be reported to the Chowchilla Police Department at (559) 665-8600.

How many animals am I allowed to have in the City limits?

A household is allowed to have no more than five dogs over four months old or no more than five cats over six months old as per Chowchilla Municipal Code 6.04.270.

What types of animals are considered wild and require a permit?

Non-domesticated animals are considered wild and either require a permit or are not allowed inside City limits as per Chowchilla Municipal Code 6.04.010.

Where can I find spaying and neutering services for my animal?

There is a veterinary clinic located in Chowchilla and clinics also nearby in Madera, Merced, and Fresno that provide these services.