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City of Chowchilla
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All Rights Reserved

Water conservation is vital to our community. It is never appropriate to waste a natural resource like water. By encouraging appreciation of the value of our water, and educating consumers on efficient water use and conservation practices, we help to ensure a sustainable water supply both now and in the future.

City personnel are doing the best they can to educate property residents to be compliant with State of California regulations. Each inquiry is handled as soon as possible and limited available resources may not allow the City to provide a direct or immediate response to your inquiry. If you want to submit a comment or ask a question about watering regulations, schedules, property owner concerns, or other water-related topics please send an email to where your inquiry can be reviewed for action.

Watering days are determined by the STREET ADDRESS NUMBER (even or odd). Each day has TWO TIME WINDOWS in which to irrigate, a morning and an evening. The morning window starts at 12:00am (just after midnight) and ends at 10:00am. The evening window starts at 7:00pm and ends at 12:00pm midnight.

NO outside irrigation is allowed between the morning and evening time windows from 10:00am to 7:00pm.

Property residents are REQUIRED to SET their automatic irrigation controllers to the watering schedule. Property residents who do not use automatic irrigation controllers are also required to follow these regulations.

Information to help property residents to comply with the state mandated restrictions can be found on the City website along with other useful websites on the Internet.

EXCESS WATER cannot be allowed to flow along STREET GUTTERS more than 25 FEET from the FRONTAGE of your property.
Using an OPEN FLOWING HOSE to irrigate landscapes, trees, flowers, lawns, gardens, etc., is PROHIBITED and property residents must attach and use a shutoff nozzle.

Residents ARE ASKED TO LIMIT washing their vehicles but if you choose to wash them you must attach a SHUTOFF NOZZLE and NOT USE an OPEN FLOWING HOSE.


Anyone who wants to use water from the City water system to fill a swimming pool must OBTAIN A PERMIT from the City of Chowchilla Public Works Department before FILLING OR DRAINING SWIMMING POOLS at any time throughout the year. Please contact the office with enough advance notice to process your request. For information or to apply for a permit call (559) 665-8615, ext. 789, or send an email to

The City of Chowchilla is obligated to meet the State mandated system-wide water use regulations to lower the amount of water used compared to prior years. Failure to do so could result in very large fines issued by the State to the municipality that would have to come out of the budget funded by water rates paid by the consumers. Therefore, it is in the best interest of everyone who uses City water, produced from City wells, to restrict the amount of water used for outside irrigation. The State has fined some water systems in California 10ís of thousands of dollars.

Through the Public Works Department the City of Chowchilla strives to educate those who do not comply with the established irrigation regulations. First and foremost City employees make the effort to contact the property resident or business and discuss the situation to resolve the compliance problem. Sometimes further warnings are issued and if problems remain fines can be issued that are added to the utility bill of the address.

The City of Chowchilla is obligated to follow legal procedures to ISSUE WRITTEN WARNINGS by CERTIFIED MAIL and IMPOSE PENALTY FINES up to a MAXIMUM $500 per violation for on-going multiple offenses with a possibility of shutting off water service to non-compliant properties.

Before that happens, City personnel make an earnest effort to provide helpful information. Oftentimes, property owners and particularly renters donít even know how to set their irrigation controller. Many resources can be found on the Internet. Generally if you search for information on your particular controller brand and model you will find the help you need to properly setup and operate your irrigation system.

You can click any of the links below to visit non-City web sites for additional sources of useful information.

Visit for details.

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is offering a rebate program for removing turf and replacing it with low water using landscapes at California single-family residences. For more information on the program visit the DWR turf site at

Please note this is NOT a program funded or managed by the City of Chowchilla.


Why are there watering regulations?

State-wide drought conditions have persisted for years and even with the occasional above-average rainfall season, water conservation has become a necessity. Conserving water also helps alleviate low water pressure and helps reduce electrical energy usage which is beneficial for our environment. In order to assist in the preservation of water, a precious resource, the City of Chowchilla has designated specific watering days and times.

If I have a 1/2 on the end of my address, which days apply to me?
You would use the very last number before the 1/2 in your address. For example, a resident with an address of 1309 1/2 may water on the days for odd numbered addresses.

Are there certain hours I am allowed to water?
Yes. See the schedule above for the allowed watering times.

Do I have to have to use sprinklers or can I leave my garden hose running?
Using an OPEN FLOWING HOSE to irrigate landscape, trees, flowers, lawns, gardens, etc. is PROHIBITED and property residents must attach and use a shutoff nozzle.

When am I allowed to wash my car?
You may wash your vehicle on any of your designated watering days during the allowed watering times as long as you use a restricting nozzle on your hose.

Why do I sometimes see watering on non-watering days or beyond specified hours?
This rarely is allowed but occasionally new landscaping, sod, or ground cover is planted that requires more frequent watering or special circumstances occur that require alternate watering times. When this occurs, a special water use permit is obtained from the City.

Can I get a special use permit to water on my off days?
Due to the state mandated regulations you should contact the Public Works Department at (559) 665-8615, ext. 789 for the most up-to-date information.

Who do I contact to report violators?
It is best to send an email to to report a watering violation so that the City has a record of the report.

I received a violation warning notice do I have to pay a fee?
First offense violators will receive a warning notice by mail that does not include any violation fee.

What are the violation fees after a warning is given?
After a first offense warning, there are fines and subsequent penalties that increase with repeat offenses. For specifics contact the Public Works Department at (559) 665-8615, extension 789.

Do I need a permit to fill or drain my swimming pool?
Yes, you must first obtain a permit prior to draining or refilling any swimming pool at any time during the year. Contact the Public Works Department at (559) 665-8615, ext. 789 for information.