A Few Minutes with the Mayor

Hello Community Members,

As you all may know, COVID-19 is still very prevalent in Chowchilla.  Per the State of California Governor, the regional stay home order remains in effect in the San Joaquin Valley Region. Current ICU availability is 0% in the SJV as of information released on 1/12/2021. Although 2020 is behind us, we still have an uphill battle to diminish COVID-19, and we ask all of you to continue to take the necessary precautions to stay safe. Please continue to support our businesses and order from our local restaurants.  

Currently, COVID-19 Vaccinations in Madera County are in Phase 1A (All tiers) & individuals 75 & older. For further information on vaccinations, please contact Madera County Public Health Department or visit their website. Another source for more information on vaccines is the California Department of Health, at https://www.calvax.org.  

Last Tuesday, the staff gave an update on the Economic Development current projects at the City Council meeting.  Some of you may have seen the large mound of dirt being moved around Auto Zone's location; that property is being prepped for a new storage unit facility. Other projects moving forward are Joe's Premium Car Wash, located in the Save Mart Center, Tesla Charging Stations, located in the Save Mart Center parking lot, Jack in the Box, located at 305 Prosperity Blvd., as well as PG&E Charging Stations. There are also five different housing developments underway, all in various phases of planning. 

The City Administrator gave an update on Project Sunset, a large Distribution Center looking to locate in Chowchilla. This Distribution Center will bring approximately 280 much-needed jobs to Chowchilla. Environmental Studies need to be completed on the chosen location and will be completed within the next year.  Once those studies are finished, the project can advance to the next stages.

A big congratulations to the Madera County Chowchilla Branch Library for being only one of 12 libraries in the country, and the only library in California, to receive the STAR Net STEAM Equity grant. We look forward to seeing new interactive exhibits and programming in the future and thank you all for your hard work providing an invaluable service to our community. 

Last but not least, January 9th was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. I want to thank all of our Law Enforcement who continue to keep our community safe and put their lives on the line every day for the well-being of Chowchilla. You are all very much appreciated.

Warmest Regards, 

Diana Palmer
Mayor, City of Chowchilla